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Dangers of Sandblasting
Protect your health from the dangers of sandblasting!  Sandblasting with silica sand makes a lot of dust. The really dangerous stuff is so fine you can't see it. Breathing air containing this fine dust can damage your lungs. You must always wear a helmet when sandblasting and there is only one type of helmet that will protect you. The type of helmet you must use is a helmet that is supplied with clear air. The helmet must be a good fit and in good working condition.

  • A damaged helmet is dangerous.  Do not use equipment that has parts missing or damaged.

  • The helmet must also fit well so that dangerous dusty air does not leak into the helmet while you are working.

  • The air supplied to your helmet must be clean and free of dangerous dust.  To be sure that the air is clean a filter must be fitted in the line between the compressor supplying the air and the helmet.

  • Your employer is required, by law, to provide you with the forced air full face helmet and the clean air supply to go with it.  He is also required to train you how to use it and how to maintain it and keep it clean.

  • Your employer must check the dust levels in the area where sandblasting is being done.

  • At least once every three years, your employer is required to provide you with a medical check-up, including an x-ray, to make sure that your lungs are not damaged.

If you are working in a sandblasting area, even if you are only cleaning up, you must also wear a respirator.  Remember, THE DANGEROUS DUST IS INVISIBLE.  Cleaning up can make the dangerous dust airborne and breathable again.  If the job site can be wet down you should we down before starting clean up.  The dangerous dust can get into your clothes and can continue to get airborne as you move.  Don't try to blow it off with compressed air; this only stirs it up worse.  If you can, change into clean clothes before going home. 

Do Not Forget!

  • Invisible dangerous dust is made when sand blasting with silica sand.
  • You must wear an air supplied helmet when sandblasting.
  • Your employer knows the equipment and training you require.  If you have any doubts or questions ask your boss.

When you use the right equipment and are properly trained in its use and maintenance there will be very little danger to your health from silica dust. 

This information does not constitute, nor is it intended to replace information, instructions or training required under
OSHA, EPA, federal or state law in relation to the use of crystalline silica sand.  Nor does it constitute a detailed warning which is provided on the product packaging and in the 
Material Safety Data Sheet
furnished to your employer.


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